The Antiquus Team

The Antiquus team is a close-knit group of professionals that bring together decades of experience in archaeological testing and excavation, laboratory artifact analysis, and cultural resource management.

Mike Rousseau, (M.A)

Chief Principal Operator

Mike is a member of the B.C. Association of Professional Archaeologists (BCAPA) in good standing. He has a Master’s degree in archaeology from Simon Fraser University, and over 30 years experience directing archaeological studies throughout B.C. and the Yukon. Mike has published several major articles and monographs on Canadian Interior Plateau prehistory, and his professional interests and expertise include: Northwest North American prehistory and archaeology with an emphasis on the Interior Plateau; culture resource management; prehistoric hunter gatherer subsistence and settlement; lithic technology; North American Indigenous cultures and prehistory; early peopling of North and South America; B.C. prehistory; heritage theme park design; geology, and geomorphology.

Geoff Homel (B.A)

Senior Archaeologist/ Coastal Field Director

Geoff is a graduate of Simon Fraser University, with a Bachelor of Arts in archaeology. He has participated in a number of archaeological projects throughout British Columbia, the Yukon, and Alaska, including impact and overview assessments, excavation, and monitoring. Geoff’s professional interests are in the applications of technology within the field of archaeology, including computer modelling of sites and artifacts, paperless excavation techniques, and the creation of archaeology-focused software. Geoff has been working with Antiquus since 2014. 

Lauren Hearty (B.A)

Archaeologist/Office Manager

Lauren graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser University, double-majoring in archaeology and cultural anthropology. She has years of experience doing archaeology in the northwest coast and interior of British Columbia, and worked in Peru for a season studying Pre-Incan fortification sites. Her professional interests includes post-colonial, collaborative archaeology, and she specializes in the historical archaeology of British Columbia. Lauren has been working with Antiquus since 2014.

Carla Penner (B.A)

Archaeologist/ Osteology Specialist

Carla majored in Anthropology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), with a focus in B.C. Archaeology. Through CRM work and her schooling, Carla has participated in both coastal and interior archaeological projects, including: excavation; survey; and dendrochronology.  Her professional interests include: lithic technology; prehistoric hunter-gatherer subsistence and settlement; and cultural resource management. She specializes in human osteology. Carla has been working with Antiquus since 2010 and currently works part-time.